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November 10, 2011
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Chapter 5: Captured

A second rough awakening, this time Lavvy felt her jaw damn sore and stuck. As well as some burning, tightening pain around her ankles and her hands. The head was obviously still booming a bit, like a hangover after someone smashed your head with a bat. She groaned, tired. Didn't remember much at first, then the fuzz slowly cleared up, remembering those flapping wings and that moment the white blur collided. Eyes snapped open, as all she saw was… a strange, metallic room. Empty, with only a metallic sliding door and a window, similar to the ones you see in police interrogation rooms. There was also some monitoring equipment around. At first she thought it was a hospital. What made her struck out of that idea was the fact that she was sitting up right, despite being asleep.
"What the?" Now she realized a cord coming from up, down to her mouth, as there was some sort of breathing mask covering her mouth and nose.  Finally realizing this was all too weird, Lavinia turned and looked around at her arms and legs, where the uncomfortable pain was coming from. Her feet, up to her ankles were firmly bound down in cuffs that covered both of them firmly, tight around the ankles. The arms were kept far behind the back, as the hands were in big cuffs, from the lower half of the arm, covering her whole hand as well, being pulled backwards by a thick steel wire, tied to the wall. Okay, she knew that if she was ever caught by the police there would at least be some handcuffs and/or some kind of cell with bars, but this was pushing it. It wasn't even humanely comfortable. "Hey! What's going on here?!"
After a static noise a voice started speaking. " Do not panic, this is just a procedure, we are trying to help you." Lavvy frowned, obviously, this voice was just spewing up comforting lies. "Help me?! I don't call this helping! Binding someone after hunting them down isn't helping!" The static was once again heard. "You are infected and possibly not thinking straight, We need to… ack, sir, what are you doing? Sir!" The man was interrupted by another voice. "You are doing this calm down dialogue again? Don't you realize it never works? This one doesn't even deserve it…"
Lavinia frowned even more at this voice. Whilst not familiar, she could tell a bit about someone's personality by voice. This guy didn't look like someone likeable. The steel door opened, revealing a red head man, with a white costume, by model, a scientist. He slowly approached, keeping a serious look, no compassion, as if he was looking at a tied stray dog who did something really bad. "You do realize what you brought upon yourself, right?" The man spoke out coldly. It was the same man from earlier, Sebastien. Lavvy, however wasn't impressed. "Oh, sureeeeeee, it's always what anybody besides you GG slaves do, not us, normal people…"She began, but Sebastien just cringed his teeth going in closely. "Don't get smart with me, you're the one who sneaked in the base, stole a gun and broke that container!" At that, she didn't really knew what to counter with, anything would sound stupid. "…fine, I might have deserved this, but what about others? I'm pretty sure any guy with a parasite thingy would get this piss poor treatment…"
"At this point, you are nothing, but animals. So, the only way you're useful now is a subject for creating a pollution antibody and a cure for the parasitic virus." By that point, Lavvy's eyes glow golden with rage, as her hair started to bristle and a wolf snarl was visible, even behind that mask."You heartless bastard! I WILL- " The monitoring devices started beeping, as a strange click sound was heard. The hose leading to the mouth started to fuel with strange smoke and as soon as the tomboy inspired some in, she paused, dizzy and koffing. "The dangerous you are the more advance the bounds will be." It was pretty obvious the smoke was highly concentrated sleeping gas, enough for even infected to get dizzy from a whiff. Lavvy was too dizzy to actually rage anymore. Sebastien still had pretty much no compassion, just grabbing her head, forcing her tired eyes to meet his. "Try to be a good mutt and give up."  He slowly let go, then turned around, going for the door, as he shook his head. "How did those idiot soldiers have so much trouble with you?" With that he left, the thick metal sliding door closing behind.
A short time later, the effects of the gas dimmed down Lavinia was certainly not prepared to give up, as the Science head suggested. Instead now she was pulling hard at the bonds, trying very hard to resist the urge to transform. She was of course hoping for some kind of slip possibility, but part also for that minuscule chance that the parasite offered a boost to her human body as well, to be able to rip through. Sadly, no such luck and it just ended up in getting fatigued. "This is the shittiest day in my life…" She groaned, huffing.

"You should have let me in control… this never would have happened…" Lavvy blinked, hearing strange sounds in her head, that she could strangely understand, like it was a second language."… now I really know I am going nuts…"The voice now started growling. "No, you aren't, you dumb human! How dear you shake off your Alpha!" This was getting weird again. It took a few moments to realize the sounds being made were very similar to the ones the wolf parasite made. "Is the parasite talking…?"
"God, you're slow, but I shouldn't expect less from an Omega brain like you?" Lavinia blinked confused. "Was that an insult?" The wolf grumbled " Of course! Omega is the bottom rank in the pack! I am obviously an Alpha… meaning the first, meaning far superior then you!"
Okay, now she was getting pissed. Suddenly her vision shifted. Now she was inside a strange pocket space, floating. All around her was nothing, but what seemed to be a round infinite chamber made of pulsating glowing veins. She looked around and somehow she knew it was all an illusion. Inside the space she saw the wolf creature, floating as well. "Oh great, now you want a little face to face?"
Lavvy blinked, dumbfounded at this new ability. Something the two infected that helped her forgot to mention…. Or maybe didn't knew. "YOU! You're blaming me for all this crap and calling me an idiot, yet it's all your fault! You made me like this!" The wolf scowled, as it's fur slightly bristled. " And you're the one who mocked me and released me earlier! I say it is well deserved… unfortunately, now I am stuck as well… should've just let me control…" Lavvy twitched ,frowning."No firkin way would I let you again!  IT'S MY BODY!"
"AND NOW WE SHARE IT!" The wolf snarled back. "So get friking used to it! Besides, your body was a lot safer with me…" Lavvy crossed her arms. "Like you wouldn't have gotten captured in that situation! Did you even see what was happening?" The wolf looked bored. "All I saw was a pathetic human trying to control a wolf body…"
"Why you son of a…" Lavinia went to strangle it, but phased through him like a ghost."… ha?!" The wolf sighed. "This is all an illusion numnut, you can't touch me, and if you wanna hurt me, you're going to have to hurt yourself… which is rather impossible now… You know, you should have just stayed together with those two humans, we could have beaten them and become the Alpha of that pack…" Lavvy frowned at that statement, pausing, then quickly getting out of the illusion."Shut up…. I can do things on my own!" She started struggling again. "Yeah… sure…" The wolf finally commented, sarcastically.

Back at the abandoned house from where Lavvy left after the morph. Cabal was sitting alone. Mint has been gone for a while and she didn't say why. He frowned, he never should have left her alone. What if she…
"Cabal!" Mint suddenly jumped down, in symbiote form, right in front of him, startling the man." Mint!... please don't do that… Where were you?!"  Mint shook her head, "That doesn't matter, I heard the GG captured a wolf symbiote. I went through the wreckage and checked the blood, Lavvy's scent was there!"
Cabal paused  bit crossing his arm. "She got caught. She deserves that." He said bluntly, making Mint frown. "How can you say that?! We need to do something!"
"Look, Mint… I tried to warn her, but that kind of person is stubborn… Why are you so worried about this one infected? Many infected get captured." The woman paused for a bit."…yes but…. What if she joins the Tamed? I've seen the wreckage… she did all of it…" With that, Cabal paused for a bit, now lost deep in thought.

After what seemed like an hour of vain struggling, swearing and taking short breaks, the door opened again. Lavvy startled, so focused on the struggling that she forgot everything from the world around. But her sudden surprise, soon turned into anger and annoyance. "Great… More kicking when I'm down?" She thought to herself.
Surprisingly, yes, another set of white clothes came out, but this time, not a science coat. And, to her somewhat joy, not the same person. This time it was a girl, around her age, with long red hair. She didn't seem like a scientist or someone working for the GG, which only made the tomboy more nerous. The read head had a smiling expression on her face, yet she didn't show any hate or anger in her eyes, only an air of vanity. Which only pissed Lavvy off more then Sebastien did. The girl just slowly approaching, keeping the smile.
"Who the hell are you?" Lavvy responded, direct and impatient for obvious reasons. The girl's smirk turned even wider as she let out a chuckle. "Well, you're a fast one. Most infected would be too scared at this point to say anything…" The tomboy scoffed." I am not like most people… you still didn't answer my question!" The girl chuckled again. "Well that's a legit question, but can you tell WHAT I am?"
Lavinia blinked confused. Now that was a weird question to respond with. She stared the red head right into the eyes finally noticing. From what Cabal and Mint told her, infected always have strange eyes and always have some vein on their body. Her eyes were bright purple, shaped like diamonds and her vein was visible on her neck. "…you're…. you're infected too?"
"Bingo!" The girls snapped her fingers. "My name is Hadrea Vanguard, leader of the Tamed." Lavvy blinked. " The what?" Hadrea kept her sly look on her face going a bit closer. " The reason why I am not in chains… and the reason why you won't be as well…" Lavvy just frowned, still confused. "If you want to say something, just say it…"
"The Tamed are a group of infected serving the Global Government. Our task is simple: hunt down wild infected and bring them here so they can be studied and find ways to cure animals. In exchange, infected who join this group aren't forced to be test subjects and are given freedom and a home… of course, as long as you do your job…" The look on the tomboys face pretty much made Hadrea know what she was going to ask next. "And you might be a great asset to us. You're a recent infected, yet you managed to take down so many soldiers and a helicopter last night. I have to say, even I am impressed at that. We need more raw power." Lavvy still wasn't impressed. " I don't want to be a GG slave…"
"Oh, but here's the part only us Tamed know…" Hadrea moved closer, just aside her ear, as she started talking slower. "WE are the ones using the Global Government… You see, my father is one of the GG heads, that key element made me able to form this group. I myself wasn't infected on accident. I choose to become like this. Yes, might seem insane, but my plan is genius! You see, humans fear what they don't understand. As such what they fear, they cannot abuse. We, infected, are the next stage of evolution! The virus isn't a mistake, it's something even better! We, infected, are the ultimate being on this planet, the true rulers! For now, we are keeping low, until the GG finally trusts us… but when they let their guards down, we'll attack! Take their place and infected will rule the world, with humans and puny animals at our mercy, doing our bidding…." Lavvy's eyes widened, this girl was insane. A snake in the grass, a wolf in sheep clothing. " Of course, I would be the leader, seeing as I'm the one bright, strong and competent enough to devise this plan. But that doesn't mean you will be useless! I need powerhouses to kill every which one of my pesky enemies. You have a knack for such a thing…" Hadrea then slowly backed away, knowing her words were now swimming through the tomboy's head. She paused a bit, closing her eyes." What of the ones who oppose or betray you?" She reopened here eyes quickly on that question. "Hmm, now that is a smart question… Dispose of them, of course, or hand them to the GG, they'll be sure to realize sooner or later… I mean, where else can you run?"
Lavinia shut up for a few moments. Eventually, after letting the words soak up a bit, Hadrea spoke up. "So, what do you say?"
Hadrea turned around, now incredibly shocked. "What?! Are you insane? Why?" Lavvy snarled at her."Because I can't stand you… at all… I hate power hungry vain people who care nothing about themselves. I can understand giving that treatment to the assholes I hate, that never leave me alone and that deserve the piss poor treatment, but to others that want nothing but to be left alone? Those people are AFRAID!" Hadrea twitched a bit, still smiling. "But I told you, they will realize eventually…" Lavvy shook her head. " I know I am insane and I do like to fight, but I also know others may not… Others may want just a normal life, not just hiding in abandoned houses with fear of GG and you blood sucking freaks!"
"ACK!" Hadrea, pissed off by these words, shifter her expression into pure anger, as she was choking Lavvy's neck with one hand now. She could feel some of Hadrea's claws digging in, as she let out small groans from the force. "Now you are a truly insane bastard… refusing such a proposition, just because you don't think it's right for others? This is the war zone! The rule of the jungle! You should only care about yourself!" Lavvy gritted her teeth, through the choke, trying to speak. "You're a leader… So you should at least care… about allies…" Hadrea then suddenly let go of her grasp, swiping the air angry. "Allies are only useful when they're strong and obey you!" She huffed a bit, as Lavvy was choking a bit for air. The red head suddenly calmed down, with a stressed sigh. "You'll eventually get tired and realize you are wrong..." With that she just stomped outside.
After the angry red head left, several minutes later, Lavvy shook her head. " That bitch is more nuts then you…" The parasite commented again. The tomboy just ignored him. So, the infected had to face two major dangers. There was pretty much no chance for free roaming infected who just want to be left alone. Even with the tamed, one mistake, and it's back to the cage.
After some more pointless struggling, she got lost in thought again. The situation looked rather bleak and she was way too tired for now. Yet sleeping in this position didn't exactly seem comfortable, and the prospect of just trying to transform just for the gas to KO you, didn't seem like such a pleasant sleep inducer.
This part is even longer? Why? I'll give you a hint: Hadrea... NUFF SAID!
Yeah, i know I am probably confusing people with my personality... but that's what I did in Dino lordz too, so... how do I say this... I'm not evil, I'm just angry, but fair! 8D ...yeah...
Having an annoying parasite doesn't help...
Also, yeah, that is how I representate inner dialogue between infected and parasite, though people are free to think up their own version!
Any screenshot want to be seen?

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:iconz-parasites: c me!
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NathanOM Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oohhh...youre like luffy! insane but at the same time, a great leader!
Hadrea, if i gained a penny for every word she spoke, the harmony wold have golden walls and ruby doorknobs.

Damn! Cabal gonna enter and destroy everything to save you? i think i see something, hehehe...
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, yeah... I mean, to me there are two kinds of leaders: the wise, strategic one, that has an inborn lead skill, like Serph form Digital Debil Saga or Optimus Prime from Transformers and the one that is loud, imposing and prefers to prove his leadership through brawn, not brains, like Luffy or Kamina from Gurren Lagann... and there is sort of the third one, like Zaraki Kenpachi from bleach, he's the leader just cause he's the strongest... though usually the ledear types I mentioned before are the strongest in their group as well...
NathanOM Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Zararaki is the leader "I dont care if hells freeze over, i just wanna fight strong guys" Like some from HunterxHunter and Vegeta(he never admited to be on the good side, aways with the excuse to prove himself stronger than goku)
Eonami Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol while reading this I managed to hear Hadreas cocky bitch voice in my head XD
...It was painful >.>
And way to go~! Standing up for what you believe is right ^^
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh God, the horror!
Yep! I don't like orders...
sander94 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
now tell me i'm right with my latest comment XD
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, I responded already!
sander94 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
i know, i responded at your respond.
but it just feelz good hearing i'm right XDD (admit it, it feels good)
sander94 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
yu r not evil, u just mad :iconujustmadplz:

its nice to see to see what caused the rivalry between you and hadrea.

oh, and hadrea reminds me of magneto with her talk about 'the next line in evelution'.
now i have the image of h... waitaminute.. i figured.
hadrea REALLY IS magneto.
and then you are xavier.
the motivations and plans are also resmbling.
hadrea wants to crush mankind, and you want to protect it..

MY GOD! this is faking creepy, i figured something out..
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
...actually I MEANT for Hadrea to have a Magneto complexity, but I don't think I'm like Xavier all that much... motivation... yeah, maybe which is frikin creepy... But lol I think I'm more like Wolverine with Xavier motivations! XD As in, yeah, I may want a bit of acceptance, but... well... I don't mind killing a few people and starting a few battles for that. 8D I like it actually!
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