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November 9, 2011
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Chapter 4: Hunted hunter

Later on, Lavinia started to wake up. She groaned, head still hurting. "Damn, that dream was terrible… brrr, the warehouse is chillier then usual…" Lavvy eventually opened her eyes, vision blurred, looking up, she turned her head, seeing a blue blouse… wait… Her eyes widened, blinking.
"Morning, sunshine!" The brown haired woman smiled sheeply, as Lavvy shifted her eyes to her face. "GYAH!" The tomboy bolted up, huffing. "Who the fuck are you?!" She pointed her finger right at mint, which mint only gave an innocent look. "How bad can a girl be, huh?" Cabal commented, Lavvy looking at him, but him not actually looking at her." What the hell?! WHO ARE YOU GUYS?!WHAT'S HAPPENING?"
Cabal waved his hand towards Lavvy. "I think one of my first questions would have been 'What happened to my clothes?'." Lavinia blinked, looking down, finally noticing Cabal was slightly blushing. She quickly backed away embarrassed, trying to cover herself. "Look just give me something to wear, God!"
Several moments later, Lavvy was pretty much all dressed in a new attire. Old clothes were ripped, luckily these two had some spare ones. Strangely she asked for clothes from Cabal's side." You know, with your strangely bulky anatomy and large shoulders, you can be easily mistaken for a boy if you'll wear those clothes…" Mint commented, making Lavvy twitch. " just how long was I out cold and naked? You had time to study everything about me, huh?!...actually I don't want to know…" Pretty much, the new attire consisted of blue jeans with large pockets, a pair of shoes with a metal footing, a red shirt and a black and dark red coat. Cabal also handed a belt. "Better keep this on. It may look like a leather belt, but it's 100% technology, meant to store clothes when you shapeshift." She looked at him like he was insane. "When I what?"
After a long explanation later, Lavinia was quiet. "So… all that wasn't a dream?" She kept looking at a nearby mirror. Now her eyes were golden and the thing she thought was a wound was a vein sticking out around the eye.
" You don't remember much?" Mint asked again. "I just remember when that bastard ripped my eye out and that period where I snapped awake for… half a second in that werewolf form..or… what you guys call it?"
"Symbiote."  Cabal responded. "…right..." Lavvy commented, looking at her hand. She was toying around, raising claws, lowering them. It all felt… natural now. She grinned. "I like this…" Both the other two infected raised their heads. " What?" Lavinia let out a laugh. " Just what I asked for! Something to scare the crap outta idiots!" Cabal frowned. "You are insane…. Do you realize what you are now? Because of that the Global Government will always be hunting you."
"Pfft!" Lavvy stood up." I could shake off soldiers like FLIES even before this power, but now? Now I can even fight back if I want…" She showed a creepy grin. Mint was getting a chill, the power was a bit too infatuating. "Please, you don't understand, this is not something to be happy about… we have to hide from them…"
"HIDE?! Hide when we have THIS?" Lavvy snapped, annoyed by the cowardice. When we can firkin bend steel transformed?" She shook her head. " Hmph, you guys are pathetic…" With that she aimed to leave. "Just where will you be going?" Cabal asked, once again, blunt. "Back to my neighbourhood. Look,I'm grateful that you helped me…. Umm.."
"I'm Milicent… or Mint for short, and that's Cabal…." The woman responded, knowing what the pause was for." And I'm Lavinia, or Lavvy for short… But look, I am not content with hiding like a coward and a weakling. If GG will be coming I will be ready, like I always am…" Lavvy commented, going out. Cabal quickly went and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Wait…" But he didn't have time to speak as Lavinia quickly shaped her arm, into a bulky wolf one and grabbed the hand twisting it. "Don't try to make war, blondie, when I saw I do things my way, I'll do things my way… I'm a lone wolf, I do NOT need a pack…" Cabal just stared back, seemingly unaffected by the twist. He stood silent, just staring into her eyes. Lavvy eventually sighed, letting go, as Cabal this time did nothing. She only frowned, slowly leaving and closing the door of the abandoned building the friendly infected were temporarily hiding. Cabal looked somehow upset. "I warned you… I was just trying to warn her about the Tamed…"

Still toying around Lavvy was walking actually. She seemed so normal about this. Most humans would FREAK at the lost of humanity. Yet she liked it. She was pretty used with not acting the way she should. Practicing around, twitching transformed wolf ears, it felt pretty cozy. "Hehe! Look who won't need to steal headphones or hats for the winter!" She then quickly retracted them. "Hmm, better not spoil the surprise… I know wolves are hungry for lamb or piggies usually, but a rooster will do!" She cackled a bit at her own joke.
Close to her neighborhood, the two GG soldiers from earlier actually went down to the Lower Grounds. Not for trying to get Lavinia after stealing, but for another reason." I can't believe this, first we loose a punk with a huge bag, then the close GG base gets stormed by another punk and now the parasite is gone and we gotta go searching for it!" The taller GG soldier mumbled, his pride still hurt from earlier. " I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same punk… " The shorter GG commented, getting a nod from his partner. "I kinda wish we would stumble upon that guy, more then that slinky, disgusting parasite…"
"Hey, hey man! What if… just hear my out on this one… that punk from earlier WAS the same punk that raided the base and escaped and… and the parasite infected him?!" The tall one commented barely holding himself, until both of them bursted out laughing. "Do you even realize how CRUEL life would be if that really happened?!" The short one commented. "Like… dude seriously! That would be the worst irony ever! Even worse then ones you see in shows…"
The short paused, staring blank. His mouth was masked, so his partner didn't immediately see the obvious jawdrop. His partner noticed the silence eventually. "Hey, man… Bob… BOB!" Bob quickly grabbed the tall man. "Rick, friking look…" He pointed to the opening between some debris, where an alley was being formed. Right past Lavvy was casually walking, not even noticing the two soldiers. And her left side was directly facing them. "That hair… those firkin black spikes… Rick, you friking retard! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE RIGHT?!" Bob shaked his partner, as the noise got Lavinia's attention. She recognized the voices. "…are you kidding me?" She commented, bored this time, but not nervous in the slightest.
"Freeze, infected!" The two shouted, regaining their posture, as Lavvy just scratched her head, incredibly annoyed."We would have usually given you a choice, between the easy way and the hard way… But even before you were infected you choose the hard way! And I like that…" Bob smiled underneath his mask, holding out the gun. Rick was rather busy adjusting his gauntlet, for some reason. Lavvy paused a few seconds, staring directly at the two.
Then she rushed! Right for the one aiming the gun. The soldier was taken off guard." He's not running anymore!" With the shaped, bulky wolf arm, Lavvy grabbed unto the gun and easily twisted the barrel. Then she pulled the gun right out of his arms and slammed it against his head, sending Bob flying. His partner was shaking. "He… he's… you're not… scared… Why?!" Lavvy grinned. "First of all, it's she, second… why should I run? Now I can fight back…" Shifting her other arm, she grabbed unto Rick's Cobra and just threw it, not before breaking it. However, the soldier had one resort: the gauntlet formed laser blades. Lavinia looked a bit curios. "Never seen that being used before…" The soldier took a swing, it left a cut on her arm, but she quickly grabbed both of his arms, by the gauntlets, and dug her claws into them. The man yelped in pain from the shock that the breaking produced, being silenced by the wolf arm now grabbing and chocking his neck. "Hm hm hm… Shoe's on the other foot now? Why were those two so scared of you guys? You're pathetic!" Rick grabbed unto the wolf arm, chocking, but also, seemingly smirking." I'll make you… eat those words…" Lavvy brushed off the threat. "Oh yeah? You and what army?"
Rick slowly pointed all around them in a circle. Lavinia was confused, unto she took her eyes directly off of him, looking around. What seemed to be hundred of GG soldiers were now surrounding her, as well as some vehicles like helicopters and motorcycles. She was way too focused on her enjoyment to notice all the soldiers gathering. "…well shit…"

Lavvy threw the smirking soldiers right into a bunch for distraction, but the rest quickly focused their tranquilizer ray unto her. Right of the instinct, she quickly shifted to full symbiote form as she jumped up and rushed right past the soldiers. There were a lot of soldiers, seeming to be hundreds may be proven to actually being hundreds. "Switch to bullets!" That wasn't good. They were serious. Up until now all they wanted was to arrest her by a simple tranquilizer, now they were actually aiming to incapacitate her. Bullets were literately flying and she realized this was way too unmatched. So she started slashing, kicking and smashing any fool GG that was close enough to her range or was stupid enough to use the Gauntlet blades. Yet it was still too much. Too much and to slow. So, out of pure instinct, she decided to go on all four. The wolf infected looked a bit silly, as of first it was really awkward, but then she got used, as the limbs were now of pretty much equal length. That added a major burst, cuts from the bullets were present, but small and far between. Even the tranquilizers, the one she saw take out a human from just one hit, now was barely getting a yawn. Lavvy knew it was because of the new resistances, but the fact that the adrenaline was rushing so fast also helped. She just wanted to escape." I made so many fucking mistakes in one damn day, I am not letting these guys get to me!"

The ground was disadvantaging, so she decided to climb. She hopped on the side of the building, clawing up, continuing to keep a steady pace. The soldiers continued shooting, so she had to hurry. A helicopter was waiting on top of the building, shooting, but that didn't make her flinch. The wolf symbiote was still way too focused on escaping, running atop the roof, with a storm of laser bullets crashing down. She was actually getting pissed. So much that when the building ended she decided to make a quick turn and jump unto the  helicopter, several bullets hit in her limbs. She didn't flinch, but she felt the stings. The regeneration was good, but not that fast and certainly didn't offer any sparing from pain and blood loss. She clinged unto the foot of it. One of the soldier got up in front, prepared to shoot, switching to tranquilize. It continue to aim the ray right at her head. Lavinia groaned and just grabbed the fool by the foot, tossing him outside, then grabbing the edge clawing up. Soldiers were getting scared, frozen in fear for a moment. Just enough time for the wolf symbiote to slash them up and toss them aside as well.
Before she could get to the pilot, he already catapulted out, taking the control wheel with him. "Son of a…!" The helicopter started spinning down out of control. It was all a mess, dizziness, but through the blur, the wolf clawed, holding the edge of the door, slowly getting out. Then finally taking a leap down as the helicopter crashed. She crashed down, way too dizzy and rolled around for a bit. The body was getting more and more tired, both from constant abuse and those rays stacking up, She slowly started to get up, getting some boost from her arms. The situation looked even grimmer as she looked up. All around her, the soldiers formed a whole crowd. "Tranquilize, now!" The guns began shooting, all rays concentrated in one place. Lavinia groaned, getting more and more weak. No, not with a  stupid tranquilize ray. She roared back, with a second wind,  startling the soldiers as she rushed for the end of the street. Soldiers followed, rays still hitting. She grasped a light pole, digging the claws into the steel . The rays were continuing to hit, as she shouted again, ripping the pole out. The soldiers paused for a second just to stare at the giant pole waving around in the air.
Then with a powerful twist and turn, the pole flew around, swung like a baseball bat, as it slammed into the crowd of GG soldiers. Soldiers were flying around, sounds of armor and even bones breaking, as well as screams and huffs from blows. Overall, with a few spins, the GG were all down. The wolf symbiote just tossed the pole at the end, crashing into a building as she started to huff, tired. While the GG soldiers were all taken care off, the tranquilizer was making her vision blurry and her body really heavy. Still, she knew even more soldiers were going to come, especially with so many fainted allies on the ground, For now she was content to just slowly going quadrupedal.
Suddenly, Lavinia started hearing something. Something common and uncommon at the same time. It was wing flapping… but really really loud wing flapping, as if the bird was huge. She looked up… too late. A white blur just closed in and smashed her right in the head into the pavement, making it crack. That's when everything went completely black, giving into the fatigue.
Now this one is a bit longer!And lotsa lotsa action! well as showing the ... least disadvantaging properties of being a bulky infected... unless you get well equipped.
Also, yes I did make a Nostalgia Critic joke in here, the sheer irony was too much!
But yeah this is the point you'll start saying "You deserved that..." a lot...
Screenie you wanna see? XD

Previous part: [link]
Next part: [link]

:iconz-parasites: c me!
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My point is, if this would've been overpowered, then the soldiers wouldn't have fatigued her and hurt her to the point of near fainting.
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