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May 28, 2013
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DXT2: Dragon Soul registration by HronawmonsTamer DXT2: Dragon Soul registration by HronawmonsTamer
:new: Lavvy's current state:… :new:
...anywaaaaaaaaaays... Yes... of course I'd enter this one too, ya kidding? XD A bit disappointed by the sue of the Hunters system... but.. I suppose it was inevitable. Oh well! MORE BADASS XROSSES TO DESIGN/...and a bigger damn army... much bigger...anyways, since the app contains very lil nutshell info I'll write far more down.

:bulletred: Human info :bulletred:
Nicknames: Lavvy
Age: 18
Loader: Custom dragon model
-Has the ability to produce clothes for army members with logo
-Holds a storage cube that is pretty much a pocket space the size of a big backpack, good for storing provisions. Keeps food fresh.
-Holds a snowboard as well.
-Can track army members that wear their accessories, although not very accurately.
-MP4 player
-Can sometimes produce a map
-Can scan and give info about digimon (rarely used due to Lavvy's experience)
Skills: Snowboarder, street brawler, athletic, art
Personality: Overall, Lavvy just doesn't act her gender and often not her age either. She is basically stuck at a 14 year old boy attitude and tastes... but, at times she can come out of that in serious situations.
She tends not to think, hates feeling weak and useless and she likes danger. She also hates seeing any allies get hurt so she is more then likely to put herself in the line of fire and attack, even if it's digimon. She just enjoys fighting. All these elements do lead to a lot of trouble for her as well... Especially since she is too stubborn to give up those battle habits.
But overall Lavvy is friendly and does have good intentions... although she's very easy to piss off, if threated wrongly. And she does get pissed off a lot. As well as the fact that she will sometimes have issues with seeing what she thinks out loud, leading to unintentional insults.
Her anger does tend to get her into a lot of trouble, as well as a hidden dark side: lust for power, generated by vengeance, sadness or disappointment usually. She is very aware of this fault and tries her best not to fall unto it... again.
Still, Lavvy is a true tamer at core, she loves the digital world far more then the human one and will often respect digimon just as much as humans, if not, more. And she has a deep hatred towards tamers who eitehr don't take their roles seriously or abuse their digimon as tools.
Backstory: Starting off similar to Takato's situation, at 11 years old Lavvy decided to make her own digimon, having been inspired by watching Tamers. And so the first drawing of Hronawmon came to be.
Leaving it on the computer table, one night the computer suddenly sprung to life as it released data out of it: Infernalmon's scatered data, being reborned into Hronawmon.
Several days later Lavvy was sucked into the digital world along with a few other firends to fight your average world threatening monster, in this case, the rebirthed Corruption Virus.
After winning, they were all given a chance to return to their normal lives... but not Lavvy, she wouldn't leave Hronawmon... and so, they remained, wandering the digital world, looking for trouble in the servers and being heroes each time they could.
Lavvy only learned about Xrossing around 2 years ago, in the first DXT, so she's still rather noobish about it, especially in the strategy domain.
Fun facts
- Likes to train and increase her strength quite a lot.
- Trains Hronawmon as well and is careful about her diet... much to Hronawmon's dismay.
- Tends to go al "ga ga" for dragon digimon. She just loves them.
- Due to some past events, Lavvy lost the ability to use her digifist... at least currently. The half human world influence from Digiquartz would have canceled her fist anyways.
- Lavvy will NEVER force digimon in her army, nor call her army "collection" or accept to be called "hunter".
- Even if Lavvy hates using her brains, when she comes up with an idea, it will usually be pretty smart... BUT INCREDIBLY RISKY.

:bulletblue: Digimon info :bulletblue:
Name: Hronawmon
Meaning: None
Type: Dragon digimon
Family: Dragon's roar
Army accesorie: Scarf
Personality: Due to the fact that her mental data got damaged when Infernalmon was deleted, Hronawmon's mentality started off as a toddler... and so she picked up on Lavvy's personality. However, Hronawmon is calmer, even if she's prone to burst of angers at time, especially when being underestimated.
Hronawmon loves to eat and has quite a bit of an appetite. She's also prone to being lazy at times, but not when danger or battle is involved. In battle she becomes deathly serious and focused.
In general, Hronawmon is far more aware of danger then Lavvy, which is why she tends to be very careful of Lavvy.
Backstory: Originally a digimon born from the Dark Zone, Infernalmon used to be just a lowly dark mega.... until she discovered something. Srength in number... but in the good way. Unity. This allowed her to grow into a stronger and stronger digimon, until she became capable of purifying digimon. With that she managed to leave the Dark Zone, followed by a lot of redeemed followers.
As Infernalmon continued to spread her way across the digital world, a threat appeared... a threat that used the same weapon as her, but for destruction and tirany: the Coruption Virus, a being made of sentient corruption. Having grown to impressive powers, Infernalmon had to sacrifice herself in order to delete the Virus... or did she?
Several bits of data from her remained, roaming the digital world like dust in the wind... until she found a new image to base herself off of, in the human world... Hronawmon.
- Fire arrow (shoots a fireball shapped like an Arrowhead)
-Shine slash (her claws grow longer, sharper as they glow. Can be used for a powerful slash or a tougher block, like a sword.)
-Hot wings (her wings turn into plasmatic fire colored and grow bigger. This allows for a speed boost and can slash and burn enemies with them. ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN SHE HAS HER SCARF ON!)
Fun facts
- Hronawmon is not picky about food. She will eat almost anything, but she does like fish a lot.
- Is unable to ever return to the power she ocne had, but she doesn't mind.
- Hronawmon is basically a tank on ground, high damage and good defense, but her legs are slow... However her arms and moves can be quite nimble, fighting in a style surprising to her short stature and stubby body.
-She's also a good flier, but she looses that defense advanatge in the air, being easy to knock around if hit, as well as being unable to carry and fly anything that is her size or bigger.
-Lavvy and Hronawmon tend to balance their anger out:When Hronawmon is mad, Lavvy is calm, when Lavvy is mad, Hronawmon is calm.

:bulletyellow: Super evolution info :bulletyellow:
Name: RoyalKenedramon
Meaning: "Royal" - Of or relating to a monarch. "Kenpei" -Japanese- Unity.
Type: Golden dragon digimon
Family: Dragon's roar, Wind guardians
Info: With this digivolution, Hronawmon's stat basically balance out, the only diference being attack is still greatly focused. In this form, RoyalKenpedramon also moves more graceful, basically fitting of the name "royal". And she's also able to carry things much better and bigger then Hronawmon could, obviously.
-Royality's Flame (glows orange, now capable of breathing out and throwing with her hands golden fireballs.)
-Oblivion's Knighting (Detaches her tail, becoming a halberd as the lava colored blade gets bigger, anle to be used a sa spear, her wings also grow bigger able to bend and slash)
-Royal guard (Summons three ghastly shields that circle around her constantly. The shields can sustain several hits each, depending on the attacking digimon level, and if one cracks, others can still stand. Still, this attack has a recharge period, not used often more then once or twice in a battle, and even so, a shields cannot be replenished if one is still left standing. Is a passive ability) thats a lot of info.. uh... enjoy?

Xros sheets:
- Huckmon:…
- Cyberdramon…
- Examon…
- Raptordramon…
Size chart:…

Digimon c Toei/Bandai
Art and characters c me!
DXT: :icondigixrostournament:
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weathermanred Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Writer
cool digimon! :)
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Looks good as always, nice to see a golden super evolved form as well. :D
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heck yeah! Nothin says super like gold!
Eonami Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Both monster code classes look awesome! the perfect class looks really shiny too :D
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! XD
EbonyLion Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You probably mentioned this at some point but I totally forgot...
What is RoyalKenedramon's official level? Ultimate? Mega? Or was that never decided officially?
HronawmonsTamer Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well she is a chou shinka aka super evolution.. And from the show it means they are Ultimate leveled so... yeah. She's a slightly stronger ultimate then CyborgKenpedramon, her normal ultimate.
EbonyLion Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooooh! Okay, I wasn't sure what her normal Ultimate was...that's interested! Can't wait to see you guys in action~
Me-Unlucky-Girl Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well, it's been a while ^^; but it seems to me that your art improved a lot since i've last been on dA properly
well done!
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